Why you should not do things you love while Procrastinating.

  1. I procrastinate a lot.
  2. I do stuff at the last minute, correction, the last second.
  3. While delaying the things I need to do, I do things that I like doing.
  4. The things I like doing include watching some TV Series and Movies which I have already watched many times because I love them and I like rewatching them. Along with this I love going out for drinks with my friends and even just lying down doing nothing but doing deep thinking sessions about the most random and useless things.
  1. Slowly and steadily, a feeling of discomfort and guilt started building up whenever I did things I loved.
  2. I want to watch those series and movies. I want to go out for drinks, BUT now every time I did those stuff, I felt guilty and couldn’t enjoy them as much as I could earlier.
  3. In the back of my mind, something keeps bothering me and I am not able to enjoy those moments.
  1. When I was procrastinating or delaying important work, I had those feelings of guilt and discomfort in me, because I know the work that I am putting off, is actually very important.
  2. Now, I kept putting off important things and kept on doing the things I like doing and the feelings of guilt kept merging with the things I love doing.
  3. My brain mapped things I like to do with feelings of guilt, discomfort, and uneasiness.
  1. Try to map the situations and problems I mentioned above and analyze if you also have such a pattern.
  2. I realized, while putting off important things that we know we need to do because of their importance to our future and goals, we should not be doing the things we love doing.
  3. Instead, have a realization about how this is impacting your life, how you are not able to enjoy those things you love doing even when you don’t have any pending work.
  4. This can give you the pump you need to even overcome procrastination and get stuff done.
  5. Also, you will notice that now you are able to enjoy the things you love doing even more like have never experienced before without any feelings of discomfort at the back of your mind.




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Daljinder Singh

Daljinder Singh

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